Spring 2017 Courses

This Spring I will teach the following courses:

Govt 155: International Politics, Tu/Th, 1:20 – 2:40 pm, PAC 107

While the overall framework for this class is the same as in the past, I have made some major shifts in emphasis. The major theme will be in the question of World Order, inspired by the possibility for foreign policy changes under the new Administration.

Govt 322: Global Environmental Politics, Tu/Th, 2:50 – 4:10 pm, PAC 421

This class gets at the heart of understanding how states (and others) can collaborate at the global level to address environmental challenges. We will focus on approaching these issues as social science researchers and as those interested in creating policy. Readings will illustrate multiple methods for understanding these challenges.

My office hours will be Tuesdays, 10:30 am – 12n, or by appointment.

From Backpacking in the Grand Canyon with Friends

From Backpacking in the Grand Canyon with Friends

Check out ENGAGE’s Calendar of Post-election Events

From ENGAGE and the Allbritton Center.

Link to Full Calendar of Events: Responding to the 2016 Presidential Election | ENGAGE – Wesleyan University

In the wake of the historic 2016 presidential election, we believe that civic engagement — in its many forms — is more important than ever. To that end, we will maintain this calendar of campus and community events related to the election and its aftermath.

Many, many events, including this sample of events tomorrow 11/16:

Discussion with students involved at Allbritton 11/16 11:50 am-1:10 pm, Allbritton 311 Students involved at Allbritton (Alls) and their guests
New Haven Stands with Standing Rock at TD Bank 11/16 4:30-6:00 pm, 994 Chapel Street, New Haven Open to anyone
Post-Election Climate Dialogue 11/16  6:30-8:00 pm, Exley 150 Open to anyone
Westco Open Mic: Open Vent 11/16 8:00-11:00 pm, Westco Lounge Open to anyone

Link to Full Calendar of Events: Responding to the 2016 Presidential Election | ENGAGE – Wesleyan University

Upcoming African Studies Events

The next 7 days have plenty in store for those interested in Africa!

November 3: Learn about African Studies and Study Abroad at Wesleyan

November 4: Come hear South African guitarist Derek Gripper at Crowell Hall

November 5: Ariya, the African Students Association’s annual cultural event!

November 7: Presentation on Biodiversity Research in Kenya

For more info on any and all of these, visit: African Studies News @ Wesleyan:

Post from Brady ’15, based on her thesis research

From Aleta Brady (Wesleyan ’15):

“Midriver states have an important position and role to play in transboundary river basins as they intimately understand the needs and concerns of both their upriver and downriver neighbors. Midriver states also have a more complex perspective of their “rights” based on their combined upstream/downstream interests. This aspect is being ignored under contemporary analyses.”

Source: International Water Law Project Blog » Blog Archive » Midriver States: An Overlooked Perspective in the Nile River Basin

Legislative Gender Quotas… Argentina and Mexico… Talk on Sept 22

From the Government Department:

Prof. Jennifer Piscopo (Occidental College) to speak this Thursday, September 22, on “Legislative Gender Quotas and Feminist Policymaking in Argentina and Mexico.” The talk is in PAC 002 at 4:30 PM.

Please join us, and please announce the talk in your classes.

Talk description: Legislative Gender Quotas and Feminist Policymaking in Argentina and Mexico

Does women’s presence in elected office lead to policies that advance women’s equality? Women hold 40 percent of seats in the lower houses of Argentina and Mexico, but progress on feminist reforms has stalled. Paradoxically, the more female lawmakers collaborate, the less the resultant legislation transforms women’s traditional roles.

Speaker Bio:

Jennifer M. Piscopo, Assistant Professor of Politics at Occidental College, is the 2016-2017 Peggy Rockefeller Visiting Scholar at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University. Her research on representation, gender quotas and legislative institutions in Latin America has appeared in ten peer-reviewed journals and several edited volumes. With Susan Franceschet and Mona Lena Krook, she is editor of The Impact of Gender Quotas (Oxford University Press, 2012). Prof. Piscopo received her PhD in Political Science from the University of California, San Diego, and her M.Phil. in Latin American Studies from the University of Cambridge.