Africa Notes: Black Star Surf Shop

Surfing in Africa
The Economist, has this story on the “Beach Rush”. I don’t think the numbers of surfers going to Africa are all that substantial, but there are some cool scenes and great possibilities. In the story the mention the Black Star Surf Camp, which is run by theBlack Star Surf Shop at Busua Beach.

The story behind this outfit is pretty neat, involving some help form a couple former Peace Corps Volunteers in the mid-2000s. A brief documentary on their effort is available here:

Personally, I think the sign of their greatest success–or Ghana’s, at any rate–will be when local demand for their services consistently outweighs foreign demand.

The Monkey Cage: A New Rating of Colleges: Surf’s Up!

The Monkey Cage, a favorite blog of mine, has posted an important ranking of colleges from Surfline (via Inside HigerEd) based on their appeal to surfers. I’m happy to see my undergrad institution, UC San Diego, is at the top. I never was a surfer (unless a couple tries counts), but I can attest to the fact that the beaches there were fantastic.  Now that I’m out East, I suppose I’ll have to check out the nearby spots, especially since the University of Rhode Island made #7 on their list.