Zuma has officially done it

So, Zuma has officially done it.  He is President of South Africa. It will be interesting to see what impact he has.  Will those who threatened to leave South Africa really leave?  Will he be successful with his populist agenda?

I was able to meet him at a lunch at UC Berkeley a little over a year ago where he — appropriately for his audience — made the argument that education would be a top priority.  Will it?

I also wonder about his impact on South Africa’s foreign policy. Mbeki had a clear agenda and goals with respect to the African region.  Will Zuma embrace the African Renaissance?  Will he improve on NEPAD, or let it falter?  Will he continue the agenda of engagement with other major developing countries, most notably India and Brazil?  I will definitely be watching!

clipped from news.bbc.co.uk

Zuma elected South African leader

Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma will be inaugurated on Saturday

The leader of South Africa’s African National Congress, Jacob Zuma, has been officially elected the country’s president by members of parliament.

He will be inaugurated on Saturday. The ANC won the general election in South Africa two weeks ago.

Mr Zuma’s government is expected to focus on the faltering economy, fighting crime, poverty and HIV/Aids.

He faced corruption charges, dropped on a technicality just before the polls. He always denied any wrongdoing.

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