This blog will now be rebooted

Blogging and parenthood has not been a successful combination lately.  I have basically put the blog on hold because I felt something had to give.  But now I hope to gradually increase my blogging.  Why?  Well, I think Chris Blattman suggests a number of reasons why blogging has been useful for him (see “Is this my final blog post?”).  Below are some of his highlights, mixed with my own views about why this is useful.  It quickly becomes clear that blogging is both a public service and a selfish activity:

1. It is an efficient way to share information (e.g. provide general advice to students)

2. Regular writing is a great opportunity for critical reflection on current research projects, teaching, and everything we read.

3. Blogs serve as a repository for our ideas. Chris cites Dani Rodrik who apparently calls his blog his academic memory.

4. It is a way to connect with a broader intellectual community.  Chris notes that he regularly gets information about interesting things to read, funding opportunities, research opportunities…

Now, I have barely started blogging, but incredibly it has led to small, but interesting research and work opportunities and intellectual connections.  Even with just a few posts.  Generally, the come in the form of emails rather than comments on the blog itself.  But still, this has been a great.

And so, the blogging will continue…

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