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Twitter apparently thinks that Africa = AIDS.

New book, What Works in Development (Editors Jessica Cohen and William Easterly) outlines the debate between those who think randomized evaluation of development projects is a good idea, and those who don’t.

African leaders advise Bono on how to reform U2.

Rwanda has become a member of the Commonwealth, but interestingly seems to be repairing ties with France.

Sustainablog writer essentially uses Robert Paarlberg’s book, Starved for Science, to blame Greenpeace for starvation in Africa. The debate on GMOs in Africa continues!  A comment on the blog post also mentions an interesting article, “Forbidden Fruit: Transgenic Papaya in Thailand” on a similar theme.

The blogosphere and international media are taking up the story of Uganda’s proposed anti-gay bill:  Globe and Mail, The Atlantic, and Reuters, among many.

13 things not to miss in Ghana. I’m not sure if I completely agree with the list.  It leaves out for instance, a trip to Bolgatanga or anywhere in the North of the country, which I think is something one must do to get a full picture of the country.  I would also add the market in Kumasi which is one of the biggest (or the biggest) of its kind in the world.

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