America’s Next Great Restaurant, an Africa Concept?

I have occasionally thought about opening my own coffee shop, or bookstore, or restaurant…  Not that any of these things are likely. And not that any of these ideas are that original.

However, one idea that I have had that I think might be a bit more unique is to open up a chain of fast casual Africa-themed restaurants. The idea would be to feature cuisines from different parts of Africa, sort of like this restaurant in Seattle:

Pan Africa Restaurant & Bar | Tour Africa without leaving Seattle.

I am unlikely to ever do this, my current gig is satisfying and keeps me plenty busy. But I hope someone thinks about doing this.  I would love to be able to get some fufu with groundnut soup wherever I am!

Anyways, I was inspired to think about this idea again while watching some of the episodes of America’s Next Great Restaurant a month or so ago. No “Africa” concepts were presented, but maybe next time?

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