Opportunity for undergraduates to get published!

From: Columbia University’s Journal of Politics & Society


Columbia University’s Journal of Politics & Society, published by the Helvidius Group, invites you to submit your class papers and theses for consideration for our Spring 2012 edition. The Editorial Board is seeking submissions from UNDERGRADUATES (class of 2011 or later) in colleges and universities nationwide. Individuals who graduated in the Spring of 2011 may submit work they completed as undergraduates.

The deadline for the Spring 2012 Journal is January 6th, 2012.

In 2007, the Journal became the first commercially distributed undergraduate periodical in the nation. The 2012 Spring edition will be distributed among academics worldwide and sold in Barnes & Noble bookstores.

In addition, the Journal of Politics & Society will award the Peter and Katherine Tomassi Prize of $250 to the author of the best article, as judged by the Editorial Board in conjunction with faculty at Columbia University.

The Journal of Politics & Society is seeking original, creative, and rigorous articles including, but not limited to:
– Research on current economic, political, and sociological phenomena;

– Normative scholarship analyzing important theories on political philosophies.

Students from ALL SOCIAL SCIENCE DISCIPLINES are encouraged to submit their work.
There is no absolute length requirement, but published articles are typically originally 20­50 pages in length (double-spaced). Papers selected for publication undergo an intensive peer review and editing process, and work previously written for classroom or individual use is welcomed.

Please send all general inquiries and manuscripts to: helvidius@columbia.edu

For submissions, please use Microsoft Word (.doc) format and include “[2012 Spring Submission]” in the subject field of your email.

For further details, please visit us at: www.helvidius.org

Thank you and good luck!

The 22nd Editorial Board
The Helvidius Group