New APCG Newsletter

Our September issue of the APCG Newsletter is now available. This is our most exciting issue yet!

Volume 8, Issue 2, September 2012

Here are some of the highlights:

Page 2. Symposium: New Directions in Gender and Politics Scholarship: Transforming the Study of African Politics, Guest Editors Gretchen Bauer & Aili Tripp. The symposium includes contributions from Aili Tripp, Kara Ellerby, Chiseche Mibenge, Peace A. Medie, Olajumoke Yacob-Haliso, Alice Kang, and Josephine Ahikire.

Page 13. Review of the Ethnic Power Relations dataset, written by Paul Zachary.

Page 15. Announcement of our award winners, Jaime Bleck (APCG-Lynne Rienner Award for Best Dissertation) and Robin Harding (APCG-African Affairs Award for Best Graduate Student Paper).

Page 16. Statements by candidates for APCG Chair and Treasurer.

Page 19. MPSA Panel Submissions are DUE FRIDAY!

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