Voting Information for Connecticut

So, Connecticut fails to mail out a voter information guide with sample ballot. This is something that I think is very unfortunate, spoiled Californian that I am. So where to go for information about the local, state, and national elections? There is no easy answer but below are some of the sources I found in my last-minute quest to inform myself. All of these are (mostly, anyway) unbiased presentations of what the candidates and issues are.

The issue that makes me most irate is that I know there are “Questions” to vote on in this year’s local ballot. But (a) there seems to be almost no media coverage of such things here an (b) unless you go to the registrar or secretary of state’s website, you don’t even know these questions exist! So, you just show up and answer the question?

Should I approve $37 million towards a pump station? Why? Who is for and against this and why?

Should I approve close to $5 million to repurpose a building as a senior center? Why? Who is for and against this and why?

For all of these issues, shouldn’t there be some independent analyst’s impact analysis for such things as budget and the environment? This is what I grew used to receiving on a silver platter in California. How am I–and how is the average voter–supposed to learn about these issues and the trade-offs that are made in voting on them?

Here are the links I promised:

UPDATE: Just noticed that Wesleying mentions the Questions in their post about today’s election. But more analysis would still be useful.

The Middletown CT Patch has a “Middletown Election Guide 2012″. But no mention of the Questions.

CT Secretary of State

Middletown CT Registrar of Voters

The CT Mirror: Good political coverage but not exactly the voter’s guide I was looking for

The Hartford Courant’s Voter’s Guide, which I find rather confusing in layout and not very useful.

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