For Juniors: Information on Government Honors

If you are serious about this, NOW is the time to begin thinking about it. Information on our honors program can be found here:

Here is the relevant information about eligibility:

To be eligible for Honors in Government you must (1) be a Government major on track to complete the major requirements in a timely fashion; (2) achieve a university grade point average of 90.00 or above, calculated at the end of the spring semester of the junior year; and (3) have completed Stage I of the General Education Expectations.

To become a candidate for Honors in Government, you must meet the three eligibility conditions and also seek out a Government faculty member (tenured, tenure-track, or full-time visitor) to become your thesis tutor. The optimal time to try to find a faculty tutor is the spring semester of your junior year. Each Government faculty member decides for whom he or she will serve as a thesis tutor. In some years some students who meet the eligibility requirements will not be able to stand for Honors in Government because they will not be able to find a full-time Government faculty member to tutor the thesis.

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