Campaign Intern Wanted

I have no connection to this, nor do I know anything at all about Harry Rilling, but this might interest some Wesleyan students:

Harry Rilling’s campaign for Mayor of Norwalk is currently looking for interns and fellows.  This will be a great opportunity for students to become civically engaged, learn how campaigns work, and participate in the most exciting local campaign of 2013.

We wanted to make sure that your students knew about this opportunity; could you please forward the internship information included below?


We have a great internship opportunity available with Harry Rilling’s campaign for Mayor of Norwalk. Our campaign is looking for bright, energetic individuals who want to learn the nuts and bolts of how a campaign works and help elect the next Mayor of Norwalk.

Hours are completely flexible and participants can work with staff to make a schedule that fits with their academic and athletic/extra circular commitments. The Rilling Campaign team is a lot of fun. No experience necessary. Students will walk out the door at the end of the internship knowing how to run a local field program, as well as having met some really great friends.

Additionally, for students who are looking to take their involvement with the campaign to the next level, the campaign is also offering a fellowship program. Fellows will be required to fulfill a greater time commitment than interns and will participate in our Field Organizer Training Program, where they will not only learn the basics of campaign field work, but will also gain in-depth knowledge of grassroots organizing so they are ready to work on, and eventually run, campaigns of their own in the future.

The Rilling for Norwalk Intern and Fellowship Programs are designed to be enriching, educational experiences where participants will engage in daily field activities, learn from and work closely with veteran campaign staff, and hear from a variety of political guest speakers.

For more information about the campaign please visit

To apply for an internship or a fellowship with the Rilling for Norwalk, visit   , call us at (203) 939-9212, or email us at at

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