For New Students: Getting Ready for College

Today and tomorrow I get to meet some of our new freshmen students. I enjoy this process (though I’m not a big fan of our unnecessarily complicated course registration system which we all have to use). The students here are really a key to making this such a fantastic job for me.

Last year, I wrote a post with “advice for new students”. I would mostly stress the same points again this year (you can reread the original post for more detail):

  1. Ask questions
  2. Focus on learning how to learn
  3. Learn skills, especially writing and quantitative reasoning
  4. Challenge yourself
  5. Get involved with university life, but not over-involved
  6. Consider study abroad
  7. Connect with students, staff and faculty

Wesleyan can really provide all of you with an incredible start to your adult lives and post-baccalaureate careers. So take advantage of this experience! It really is whatever you want to make of it.

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