Voter Information Guides and Connecticut

Just a quick question for those of you who have lived in Connecticut for some time: Why is there no voter information guide?

Back in California (where I used to live) the voter guide that is provided to all voters runs to almost 128 pages.  Here is their website:

Voter Information Guide November 2, 2010 | California Secretary of State.

And local elections in California also get their own guides with information on local candidates and measures.

But here I am in Connecticut, teaching political science, and I’ll admit it, I have no clue what the issues are going to be in the coming election.  There is spotty news coverage of the campaigns for Governor and Senator.  But beyond that?

So this is my point: Connecticut needs a voter guide.   If it is out there and I missed it, just let me know. Otherwise, I think it is completely irresponsible for us to have elections where voters have no coordinated way of knowing what the issues and candidates are all about. The voter guide should be mailed to every voter prior to primary elections (how else are we supposed to know when these happen?) and the general November elections.

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